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Winning–That’s an Obscure Word for Democrats

November 20, 2008

Democratic presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson used the tools of the presidency to persuade and the tools of government to create powerful agencies. They inspired hope in their time for the effectiveness and worth of government, and they are still the heroes of the Democratic Party. But most party members assume that those days are long gone. Now Democrats have an opportunity to generate hope again.

Winning–That’s an Obscure Word in the Democratic Party Lexicon

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The Outsiders Within: Obama, Romney, and the Tradition of Defying Tradition

Before You Vote, consider this likely pitch from the next popular politician: Vote for me!—I’m an outsider!

Americans have a tradition of defying tradition.

Dear Once and Future Voter: Who are the insiders you are hoping to overturn? Consider the case of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, two candidates for president in 2012 who are members of groups traditionally considered outside the American mainstream….

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