Campaign 2004

GOP Convention Grazed Issues

The Republican Presidential Nominating Convention presented a party with more moderation than its own policies embody.  The convention dusted off the “compassionate conservatism” slogan of Bush’s 2000 campaign even though there has been little attention to these words or these goals over the last four years.

The heart of the Republican Party includes policies for prayer and pro-life that will involve a large role for the federal government, and endorsement of a go-it-alone foreign policy that shows a flip-flopping from then-Governor George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign promise to avoid nation building.

The Republicans have every right to their policy positions and to organization of their convention as they see fit.  Voters, however, should be aware that what they have seen at the convention is not what they will get with President Bush….  Read whole essay here….

Responding to Terror

Terrorists on Trial: Make Humiliation Not War

First published in the DeLand Beacon newspaper in central Florida, September 21, 2001

As Americans move from stunned horror to cleanup and preparation for retaliation, we need to make sure we hit the right target.

Some fanatical, amoral group has committed mass murder in Lower Manhattan and Northern Virginia.  At first we wanted to know “why?”  Now we need to answer “what next?”…

Recklessness has a power that sheer military power cannot easily conquer.  We learned that lesson in Vietnam when Americans use of staggering firepower could not stop the Viet Cong.  An elusive, low-tech enemy, especially if highly motivated ideologically, can easily slip below radar and inflict terrible wounds, even when not making steps toward military conquest in the conventional sense.

If the United States uses military might against the current terrorist threats, the cure could be worse than the disease.

Making war on fanatics will simply make them more fanatical.  But presenting them in public trial will embarrass them and anyone else who would be tempted to join them.  Read whole essay here….