1990s Politics

Put Democrats’ money where mouths are

August 1991

A modest proposal: Imagine a presidential campaign whose funds went not to media blitzes promoting issueless images, but directly to programs dealing with social and environmental problems. Imagine campaigns as patriotic crusades. Instead of spending and shouting to install candidates we hope will act on their promises, turn the campaigns into the actions. Let’s have politicians really walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

A year before the massive machinery of a presidential election clanks into full swing, George Bush looks unbeatable for a second term,. Indeed, only one Democratic challenger has stepped forward.

But even beyond 1992, can Democrats hope to ever again occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? If the party expects to win the presidency in our lifetime, it will have to do something bold.

Today it almost seems like it is the other way around! To read the rest of this piece, click here.


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