Campaign 2008

Winning–That’s an Obscure Word in the Democratic Party Lexicon

November 2008

Eyes blink, and from the citadel of Democrats’ souls lurks an air of disbelief. “Pinch me,” they seem to say: “Is this real—or just a dream?”

The party faithful have been elated with the victories of Barack Obama and fellow Democrats across the country. But beneath the cheers, there is a hint of surprise. The land of Democrats had heard this odd little word used since Nov. 4. “We are not familiar with it in our land,” I imagine them saying . “This word, so strange, so cheerful—the word ‘w-i-n.’”

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Campaign 2008

Is Sarah palin’?

October 2008

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

That was the mantra of the Democrats in 1992, when Bill Clinton won his first term in office. Today economic issues may once again be lifting a Democrat in the polls. But Democrats really have another secret weapon hidden in an obvious spot: the popularity of Sarah Palin.

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